You are a Microcosm of the Macrocosm; Thus you are the Lord.

The Infinite All has manifested itself into all possible existence through The creation.

We are in this creation, which is never ending as far as anyone can properly discern.                                                         
Thus it is ongoing; creation is forever expanding.

The infinite All, as formless, conscious energy, incarnates into "limited" physical forms
 for the purpose of the
expansion of its experience.

While in these physical forms, it sometimes tends to forget its true nature, and via the ego 
begins to see itself as a separate entity from itself.

However, all that is required to reaffirm this truth is realization of its own omnipotence.

When one comes to the realization that they are a part of the ultimate creator, 
and thus ARE the ultimate reaches enlightenment.

This state of recognition of the self as the all, and of the all as the self, can be refereed to as  
one recognizing thine self as Bhagavan; the supreme personality of God.

Since The Infinite All is all that can possibly exist (at least in this multiverse???) , 
there is no separation from "it" save illusion.

While this sublime intelligence occupies a physical form, it forgets that it is sublime intelligence, 
and sees itself as  a physical being.

This usually only happens with Humans, for we earth Humans have experienced a group of satanist 
beings trying to govern us and own the universe, and they worship the material realm; 
mistaking it for to fundamental reality when it is naught but illusion.

As such, it takes a while for us to awaken to the truth that we have subconsciously always known.

This truth is that each Human being is a conscious creator....a Microcosm of the Macrocosm.

This means that each being is The Infinite All experiencing itself as a single entity.

As such, each being is complete.

Each being embodies Male and Female energy because each being, being complete,
 is androgynous.

Feminine energy is creative and masculine energy is directive....the masculine 
energy manifests the creative feminine energy.

This is why God is referred to as He, with a capital H.

Because it is the masculine energy which hath manifested 
all existence through its direct energy and will power.

Thus, God is known as The Lord; Because He is the ultimate power and the ultimate creator.

So too are ye the Lord - as the essence of The All, not ego.

You are a Micro universe which embodies the fullness of the creative source of the whole Multiverse.

Thus, when connected to thine highest version of self, ye can manifest anything with pure will-power.

Because you are the creative energy, you have the ability to manifest anything.

This means that the responsibility is in your hands to change your own life and to change
 the world around you.

As an individual being that embodies the whole, Gods will is your will.
Thus, it is up to you to wield the sword of justice and purge the world of demons.

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