Is The Moon a Celestial E.T. Base?

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The Moon is a Magnificent anomaly that has baffled scientists and private researchers alike for centuries.
In-deed, when it comes to the moon, there are many hypothesis' for its existence, yet there is also propagated propaganda.
There are many reasons that the Moon is an anomaly.
For example, its very size in proportion to the earth seems unnatural.
the Earth's Moon is the largest in the solar system, relative to the size of its host planet. It is nearly one third the size of the Earth, so big in fact that the Earth and Moon together can actually be considered to be a binary planetary system.
The Moon is so much bigger in proportional size to earth than any other moons are to their host planets within our solar system, that it is the only "moon" to directly affect its host planet's habitat and rotational axis.
" Other moons in our solar system are tiny by comparison and because they are so small they have little bearing on their host planets. This is certainly not the case for the Earth, which would be entirely different in almost every way if it were not for its large companion Moon."
Beyond this, the moon is not only bigger than a natural satellite should be, but it weighs less than its mass should imply.
In deed, when NASA Bombed the moon , they realized that it "rang like a bell" from the force - implying that it is hollow.
"the Moon's surface is covered with gravitational anomalies that can't be easily explained and it could well be hollow at the center (which all scientists who know about these things say should be impossible.)"
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Solar Eclipse

Another fascinating anomaly in reference to the moon is the solar eclipse, which is only possible because of the mathematics of the moons positioning, implying intelligent design.
The Sun is 400 times bigger than the Moon and the Moon stands at 1/400th part of the distance between the Earth and the Moon.
"Solar eclipses happen when the shadow of the Moon covers the surface of the Sun. Total solar eclipses are very impressive and for one important reason: when seen from the Earth the disc of the Moon is exactly the same size as that of the Sun. This isn't the case but is a line-of-site effect. In reality the Sun is much more massive than the Moon but is very much further away. Solar eclipses are a near miracle and they don't happen anywhere else in the solar system. The only reason they can occur is because of two factors. The Moon is 1/400th part the size of the Sun, and the Moon is capable of standing at a position 1/400th part of the distance between the Earth and the Sun. How unlikely is that? If any message incorporated into the Moon was specifically designed to say "Look at me more closely" it is solar ecilipses.
Further more, popular consensus (the accepted "status quo") probably agrees that the Moon is a gray colour, due to the NASA's Fake Moon Landing. showing it as such.
However, the Moon is obviously not a gray it is made from various elements that have been found on its service.
This is known because while the televised moon landing was faked, earthlings in-deed HAVE been on the moon, or at least have sent probes and discovered its make up.
The moon is not gray, because the moon is not an "asteroid" ( a piece of rock).
Nor is it a broken off piece of a habitable planet, like earth or the Whack and double whack hypothesis' suggest.
Rather, the moon is made up of a conglomeration of materials, that have been found on its surface.
Some of the minerals to be found on the moon are oxygen (O), silicon (Si), iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), aluminum (Al), manganese (Mn), titanium (Ti), as well as Helium-3, Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237.
Of which, the latter 2 have not yet been found to occur naturally.
Given the fact that the last two minerals have never been found (by man) to occur naturally on any planet or celestial body, we have to ask ourselves; is the moon a natural formation?
Although there are many Hypothesis' for how the Moon as a celestial body came into existence, the most science backed THEORY is that the moon has been built by intelligent entities.
"The Moon is as old as the Earth and it has definitely been orbiting the Earth almost right from the start, so it can't be a captured asteroid (and) although it's made of the same 'stuff' as the Earth, it only contains carefully selected bits of that stuff."
Could the moon truly have been "built" , or transformed, by extra terrestrial intelligence?
"Despite the fact that someone or something created the Moon, no law of physics had to be in any way altered to do so. The same is true of the car, or any other manmade object. The fact that we, as a species, can manufacture things is a testament to our ingenuity in using natural materials (or even artificial ones these days) and working within the laws of physics to create something that we want or need."
With all of this evidence, I implore you to come to your own conclusion;
What do you know about how the moon was created? DO you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on the subject?
Could the moon truly be a hollowed out celestial spaceship invented by an extra terrestrial intelligence to facilitate multiple purposes?
Are all of these purposes Benevolent, or could some of these purposes be Malevolent?
How would life on earth be altered if the moon suddenly were to disappear or be destroyed?
What is its effect upon earths habitat, beyond the obvious positive influences?
What is the moons connection to other planets, such as Saturn?
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Let us know your thoughts

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