Karma manifests your fate; Dharma leads to your ultimate destiny

Fate is often thought of as the path that leads to your destiny,
 which is your culminating destination.

But what is fate, and what determines your fate?

Fate is usually described as ;

the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

Your fate is thought of as the path you are meant to go down in order to reach your culminating 
destination (destiny) for this lifetime….but is it?

It is often thought that your fate is predetermined, by a supernatural force that is not you.

While it is true to an extent that your fate is predetermined, it is not determined by any authority other than you.

You manifest your fate through the Karmic seeds that you sow.

In-deed ; your fate is the culmination of your past Karma in the now.

Karma is the law of cause and effect; a cause (thought word or action) creates a vibrational cause 
that attracts an effect….therefore, you manifest your fate through your actions.

If you take an action that manifests a positive cause; it will attract a positive effect.

If you take an action that manifests a negative cause, it will attract a negative effect.

Thus, Karma is the process of cause and effect that manifests your fate.

Your fate can only manifest as good or bad....positive or negative.

Which means that as long as you are subject to your fate, you are living in duality.

For even attracting "nice" things, experiences and people, is living
 in the lower astral realm; where physicality exists (or seems to) , and good and bad are opposites.

One may think that there is "nothing wrong" with living in the duality matrix...because 
what is Good is obviously beneficial and enjoyable and what is bad should be regarded as such...

Yet While this is true, it is not ultimate truth.

In-Deed, their is higher learning that must be taught, and sequentially  experienced.

This higher learning is the knowledge of Good and E-veil...the knowledge 
that their is no Good and E-veil.

...There is only one, omnipresent, all-attractive force which hath birthed the 
entirety of existence.

While this may be hard to be-lie-ve; it is ultimate truth and as such 
cannot be ignored; it cannot be disregarded.

There is one permeating force which manifests all existence...

If there is one force, then duality is an illusion, and "Good" and "Bad" are only 
differences in the degree of alignment with this force...

Anything that is "Good" would be anything that makes you feel aligned with this force, 
and anything that is "E-veil" would be anything that creates 
disconnection from the force; thus sowing discord.

Evil is what creates duality....E-v(e)il is an Energy Veil...meaning that it is 
an energetic veil because it hides this one truth of existence by creating
 its "opposite" which is just a (created) lack of its presence.

Being locked into the duality matrix through Ye Karmic fate is known as Samsara; which translates 
as a cycle of illusory 
enslavement and reincarnation.

Yet one can opt out of their fate and conquer duality by deciding to 

whole heatedly accept the truth that God is infinite 
and in-deed has manifested into all things.

This realization that God is one is self-realization ; as thine self is the
 omnipresent and omnipotent power deemed "God".

This realization shreds duality and illusion; leaving only truth to remain.

Although Karmic enslavement seems inevitable, your karma from this lifetime 
can be cleared (transcended)  
by following your Dharmic path.

Dharma is the Key to Nirvana

When one follows their Dharmic path, they are following their highest duty; the duty that the part 
of them which is the most high 
must fulfill to be in alignment with itself.

When one follows their Dharma, they are accepting their mission 
as servants of God, the all - mighty one.

When we serve our Dharmic path, we are both becoming our unique selves and serving God directly.

Consequently, when one realizes the truth, and that Illusion does not exist in reality, 
one is released from Samsara.

Although we create and attract our own fate, through our accumulating Karma,  our Dharmic path 
promises our perfect path; the path that leads to oneness with God; Our true ultimate destination.

Adhering to our Dharma allows releasement  from accumulated Karma.

When we release beliefs about duality we simultaneously rise above the materialism matrix; 
recognizing that it is Maya.
The dualistic,  materialism matrix that keeps us locked into illusion and tied to our fate...

...That is, until we come to recognize the all permeating suchness as the ONLY truth; 
and pledge our soul to its cause.

When we pledge our soul to the universal source - creator's cause, we reach fulfillment.

We realize that the material matrix can never provide lasting fulfillment, and thus pledge 
our soul to the one truth.

Doing so connects us to the extreme bliss, unconditional love, and endless growth that is 
rightfully who we 
are as The infinite All manifested.

Doing so connects us with our true duty (expansion, aka creation, aka God manifested) , 
allowing us to fulfill our true purpose,
and thus be rewarded with our true, ultimate destination.

In the following paragraph, I will explain how following one's Dharma leads to Nirvana.

What is Thine truest destination?

Ones ultimate culminating destination is the destination promised by God for being His
 loyal servant; 
known as the Here-after, Heaven, Nirvana reaching enlightenment, becoming awakened etc.

The promise of eternal life has nothing to due with a PHYSICAL destination...nor does destiny.

Both of these concepts have to do with a METAPHYSICAL destination.

This is a CULMINATING destination, as time does not exist as reality but only as illusion.

So , as one comes into alignment with their Dharma by realizing truth and actualizing 
their connection to The infinite All,
 they serve their purpose to the all.

Although one may have a personal or relative mission here on earth, their ultimate duty, 
or Dharma, is to serve God through expanding the creation, while simultaneously 
staying connected to God (Bhagavan) ; and delivering Humanity from the illusion of E-veil.

One can fulfill this immense yet simple duty by continuously raising 
their vibratory frequency and trying to 
awaken others to the dream of Samsara.

By fulfilling one's Dharma, one is delivered to the promise land of 
high vibrational frequency; 
or unconditional Love frequency.

This is the true destiny of Man; and transcends individual Karmic fate.

This is the one thing that God has asked of thee; fulfill Thine duty.

Of course, God has allowed all beings to have free will, as all beings are God manifest.

Thus, the choice is yours....

Will ye fulfill thine ultimate duty to be rewarded with ye ultimate culminating destination?

Its your choice!

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