Man made law is a false equivelant and reproduction of spiritual law.

We live in a multiverse that is governed by spiritual laws.

 These are laws such as the law of existence (everything exists; nothing does not),
the law of attraction (like energy attracts like energy) and the law of balance...(among others).

Spiritual law is impregnable in reality, and can only be broken in the realm of illusion.

Therefore,spiritual Law is actual law.

...The only law that is actual….

However, there is a group of multi dimensional anchons at the top of all of earth's hierarchies that control our world who don’t have imagination themselves and thus create a carbon copy of everything that they see to be of any worth.

They do this so that they can create…because their lack of imagination does not allow
Them to create at all otherwise.

They create carbon copies of truth, and apply these copies as if they were actual truth.

In the case of spiritual law, these archons have copied the concept of impregnable law and applied it as a weapon in the war of the conditioning of man.

They have thus created Man’s Law...a set of expanding government laws that, if broken, can result in the P.O.L.I.C.E. detaining you and the court system “charging” your government corporate name.

This false law is unreal for one simple reason; it can be broken.

Although it is implied that man made law cannot be broken by the fact that your name can be "charged" if you break the law ( they imply that they will "not allow" you to break said "laws" by forcefully doing their best to detain you if you do so, and also imply that this means you CANNOT break them, when really it only means they will apply consequences if they catch you break them and you have a corporate name) , in reality they can be broken and are everyday by a multitude of people.

Actual law (spiritual / divine law) cannot be broken in reality, as it is incorporated into reality.

Man made law, however, is meant to be broken, and results in the cyclical enslavement of those who are not wealthy enough to rise above the law enforcement's grasp .

In reality humans are free, and earth is a free will planet.

The illusion of man made law, however, has put restrictions on the “general public”s actions that, if broken, can possibly result in imprisonment.

The Irony is that it is proclaimed that these laws are for the public's own good, when all they do is enslave the public.

THE UNITED STATES alone (one of the worlds most corrupt countries) has the world's largest prison population.

Given the documented fact that inside institutions helped to create the inflation of “illegal” drugs, the fact that the war on drugs is propagated by the same and/or similar inside organizations tells us exactly the purpose of this phenomena.
That is, that the war on drugs was created to ensure the enslavement of certain impoverished communities.

At the end of the day, the legal industry in its entirety is a multi-billion dollar operation...and has nothing do with “protecting” anybody or ensuring the betterment of society in any least the system in itself doesn't ...and wasn't designed to.

Although there are a few rare human P.O.L.I.C.E. officials who do operate with an ethical sense of conduct, many don't; and the institution of the P.O.L.I.C.E. as a whole is designed various reasons including the objective of keeping humanity enslaved to the Annunaki

The fact of the matter is that the legal system helps nobody and harms many.

People may argue that P.O.L.I.C.E. officers occasionally help people who are in desperate situations.

To this I would argue that it is not the P.O.L.I.C.E. officers job position that ensures they would help you; it is the fact that they happen to have an open heart.

Anybody can help anybody in any situation; the only requirement is their presence, power to help  and willingness to help.

 Why false laws are detrimental to the well-being of society as a whole.

The reason false laws are so detrimental to society is because they keep us deceived and enslaved to corporations of Government and the alphabet boys.

As long as we allow innocent victims of the system to be exploited based on a personal decision that they make, we are allowing these archons to enslave us.

Spiritual law is absolute, and is therefore actual and should be abided by.

Man’s law, however, should only be abided by if abiding by it aligns with our morals, values and intuition.
There are many cases where man made law should not be abided by.…..but actions taken in those cases (obviously) are at each one’s discretion.

It is all a matter of personal choice.


But what is your choice?


To regard Man made law as the only real law, when its reality is mere illusion, and to simultaneously discard natural (spiritual) law as irrelevant or non-existent when it is the only Law that applies to reality, is very foolish.

However, to do so is (naturally) your own choice.

Just ask you respect yourself enough to not worship a legal system that aims to enslave you, and to instead recognize that it is a false re-production of the only actual legal system; Divine law?


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