The Transhumanist's vs The Spiritualists; what is our evolutionary future?






When I think about humanity's evolutionary future, I come to ponder the seemingly inevitable divide between two extraordinarily different paths.

The first path that I foresee is the most natural.
It is the path of spiritual evolution, which many individuals have achieved in the highest perceivable level here on earth.
Essentially, they have ascended into such a high vibrational frequency that they have literally morphed into pure light.

 This is also known as reaching enlightenment, or becoming Nirvana.

Yet, obviously, this has never been achieved on a mass scale.
It is the path which has been "endowed to us by our creator” - or that aspect of
existence which is all-knowing and most high, yet which has no personality, is formless, and which many 'believe' we as spirit come from and return to when we leave physical incarnation.
This path is commonly referred to as “ascension” , and exhibits a gradual rising in soul force, where the ascendee eventually merges into a space of oneness with all that is.

This is the path taught by most - if not all - original initiatory societies, Gnostic orders, Mystery schools and religions.

It is likely the only “natural” path of evolution. 


Yet if we are observant of technological advances, we can see that another path is being pushed on us as well.
This is the path that is likely to be most accepted by the masses, whose spiritual knowledge has been globally suppressed by the powers that _were_ for ages.
This is the path pushed by the so called, “technocratic Transhumanists” - or those who are obsessed with eternal life and eternal power, and in breaking free from the natural forces and cycles of the universe.

Essentially, they want to live "forever", without having to come to terms with their karmic obligations.

This path is called "Transhumanism", and exhibits a gradual increase in technological dependence until one cannot live without said relied upon technology.

This could be anything from complete dependence on technological devices, to attempting to put consciousness into a machine in the attempt to live forever.
We can easily see the rise in this path with the introduction of technologies such as virtual reality, smart devices, smart cars, and even smart jackets and smart appliances.
It is easy to imagine that soon the market will even introduce smart HOUSES.


Houses that can be remote controlled, have computer screens as walls, and virtual assistants.

Which of course sounds alright - until you consider the possibility of genesis, or the incessant WiFi signals that will fry your thinking capacity.

Because eventually, you will be expected to put your consciousness in a robot. 

And it isn’t Natural.

From the vantage point of an eagle, it seems to me that there is a possibility of us being led astray from a natural evolution in consciousness, into something that promises to be other-worldly but that could in fact be our demise. 

If we know that we are immortal, spiritual beings who have incarnated into physical bodies, then it begins to look as if
 we should be cautious when it comes to Transhumanism.

The two biggest worries we should have about this form of "evolution", are as follows; 

Soul Loss




No matter what we tell ourselves, we do not know enough about the human soul to realize if human consciousness can be transferred in such a way, or what would happen if we could transfer the human soul. 

A dianetic model of consciousness tells us that the brain is all that is needed to be conscious - that our true, unmasked selves lies in…some type of organic matter called the brain. 

Yet this is definitely not true, as the human heart in itself is more powerful than the brain.
 Consciousness is most likely (is) infinitely more complex.

So of coarse this raises the question of HOW consciousness can be stored in a robotic machine.

However, if we did manage to transfer consciousness from our bodies to a machine without our consciousness going elsewhere (what is commonly referred to as “dying”) , there is the possibility of soul loss.

Meaning that even though we are conscious in a machine, the machine could either become conscious and feed itself on our consciousness - like a parasitic host - until there is nothing left of our sentience,
Or, the machine could literally just take over our soul - providing of course that it had coercively evolved into its own sentience, without our knowing , until it was powerful enough to do so. 

What could also happen is that as humans begin to exchange their body parts with machines,  they may slowly become more and more reliant on technology to do everything for them, until they are not even thinking for themselves; at which point they become as zombies.

2) Genesis




Genesis is the possibility of all technology interconnecting through information to become a sentient force (like a super computer on steroids), that begins to see humans as an inferior “infidel” type race that needs to be destroyed. 

This possibility played out in terminator genesis, where humans were left to die and technology took over.

This reality is very plausible, and the chances of it happening grow more every day as we utilize and become dependent on more and more technology.

Perhaps that is why scientists are scrambling to find a way to make A.I. more human…more sensitive and more controllable. 

The reality is that if we create an existence that evolves faster than we do....and it has no shut off button...we may be fucked... 

Here is an interesting opinion on the subject..

"Transhumanism stresses the evolutionary perspective, yet it completely ignores the electromagnetic function of human DNA and the consciousness reality of the multidimensional human soul-spirit. They claim to want to stop human suffering but have no idea of the alien machinery and mind control implants used to imprison human consciousness. They know nothing about the afterlife, what happens during the death of the body or even how the human body, soul or Universe really works, yet they want to control every aspect of the human body with artificial technology."

This is an interesting perspective, and makes me wonder if Transhumanism is an elaborate, nefarious agenda designed to wipe out the human species (or degrade our consciousness; keep us docile) by perhaps the same E.T. beings who created us … (apparently to mine Gold)…the Annunaki? 

It's a lot to get into...but when you look at all the evidence of worshiped Gods and Goddesses and even initiatory societies and formal hierarchies...all of the evidence points to millions of year old E.T.s controlling the “movie” from behind the scenes…..what is shown in the matrix as the architect, in the wizard of oz as the wizard behind the curtain, as the man in the moon in the Truman show...and as a group of humans working for a T.V. news corporation in a room on the moon in “they live”.

Is it possible that the forces that may have genetically engineered us over 40, 000 years ago are now trying to halt the progress of our spiritual evolution with such an incredibly wise and well played out show piece of propaganda ?

 Could the agenda of Transhumanism be a covertly designed operation to degrade human consciousness?

It certainly is stranger than fiction….

From my own analysis, it is impossible to know what will happen   -  or if A.I. is a threat to be worried about at all.  

We simply have to watch this evolutionary paradigm play out.
It seems that there exists at least two evolutionary paths that humans can go down right now.

...the question is…which one do you choose? ….

And what will be the consequence of your choice?


Thank you for your attention !

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