Ego as the catalyst of Death


That which is life, is eternal, and Omnipresent.

That which is, exists in its fullness everywhere possible.

Although you cannot see what is "in the air", you still breathe in oxygen.
You cannot see oxygen; yet it is there.

Likewise, all of life exists everywhere, and even though you cannot see what is all around you, there is something there.

There is a presence, that permeates all of existence.

This presence is consciousness, and animates life.

All life initiates from the same source; this same source resides within every particle of existence....
Nothing is NOT, as all things are.
That which is not does not exist...and can only exist as illusion.

All that is, Is living....and thus can be classified as life.

As such, life is a definite phenomenon; it has no opposite; It encompasses all IS existence.

If life is everywhere, in everything; meaning there is nowhere that life is not present, then this means that whatever is lifes oppposite is an illusion, as it does not exist.

If life is eternal, all-encompassing spirit, and Ego is identification with the form that spirit embodies, rather than with the spirit that embodies form, then this means that (obviously) "I"-dentification with form is an illusion.

The Ego is the mechanism of various thoughts, beliefs, memories etc that are reoccurring, Identifying, and ultimately restrictive.
It is identification with form, including thought-forms ( beliefs) , physical objects, and the physical body.

If life is eternal and omnipresent, is creative and life-giving, then the egoic minds identification with form is ultimately restrictive illusion.

If all that exists is living energy (I.E. spirit) , then ultimately that which is really "you", is spirit.
And if who you really are is spirit, then not identifying with spirit is an illusion.

Identifying not with spirit but with form will deny you your "daily bread" - life force energy.

If you haven't noticed, this life force energy within you is the source of all things...and it is the proper identification of self with this energy that allows for spiritual evolution and enlightenment.

Once you recognize yourself as spirit, you more fully become spirit, and thus learn to consciously raise your vibrational frequency.
This is self-realization.

However, identifying as or with anything other than this Isness, anything other than the beingness of all life, is a major catylist for spiritual "Death".

In reality, death does not exist, as only life exists.
...There is no such thing as eternal non-existence...

The only death that is therefore possible, Is the decaying of life through a process called soul-loss.
This decaying of life is a process whereby one fails to align with their soul-self.......when one is unaware of their soul-self and identifies as ego.

 This is usually the cause of some traumatic event which the egoic mind cant handle, and keeps identifying with.
As this happens, the ego becomes stronger and stronger, while life diminishes.

The Ego is an aspect of you that is so used to thinking logically, that it literally identifies itself as the thoughts it is thinking.

The Egos identification with thoughts and other form, is a lie.
This is because form does not truly exist but only that which makes up form does.
Because this identification is a lie, it cannot feed you spiritually.

It is only through connection and unity to the life force that one can experience a raising of vibration; a heightening or growth of the life within them.

Identification only with form is a repression of this life force which is you.

It is therefore a repression of life; a decaying of life.

Therefore, Ego, which is identification with form, is a major catylist becoming the process known as 'Death'.

If Death is an absence of life, or soul-loss, then Ego is definitely at least one, if not the only, catalyst.
Ego and death run in tandem.

They are both the created opposite of the highest truth; existence.

For Illusion is the opposite of nature.

Thank you for your attention....

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