How to Harness the energy of all life from within to become your Super Saiyan self.


In the show Dragon Ball Z, the character Goku, while facing enemy Saiyans who wish to take over and sell planet earth, produces a "spirit bomb" which consists of energy that he has harvested from the trees, the wind, the rocks, rivers etc.

He has asked for all life on earth to offer a portion of their energy for him to harness and combine with his own energy to create an energetic bomb to help defend planet earth.

All energy is the same fundamental energy that is the source and force of all life. There is no separation between life; seperation is created via the egoic mind.

As such, you too can harness the energy of all life, the energy that is in the very air you breath, to add toward your own development.

Meditation is a process of aligning with this energy....of harnessing and magnifying this energy  within ourselves while simultaneously extracting this energy from all life.

As we increase our energy, we become more and more powerful; as energy is power and force.

Increasing our energy allows us to develop allows us to become more and more knowledgeable with access to more information.

This is because this fundamental energy is the energy of all that is, and thus is what we think of as love AND light.

Light is thought to be information.

This is proven by the fact that our helix's in our DNA consist of light encoded filaments.

As we develop this energy within ourselves; so too do we have access to more and more information.

This is why this process of magnifying our energy is sometimes referred to as "enightenment".

Increasing our energy also allows us to become more fulfilled and at ease, more aligned to all life, more powerful, and allows for expansion.

                   Becoming Super Saiyan


As you harness and therefore expand the life force energy within yourself, you become more.

You become more in - tune, more aware, more allowing.

You also become more powerful and more sure of yourself.

This expansion of life force energy is akin to the process known as ascension.

It is a gradual rising in soul-force which exhibits spiritual and mental evolution.

As you rise in soul-force, you become more powerful, as power is force and force is power.

As such, you begin to unlock your full potential; becoming your God self.

Becoming this exalted self is a process of unlocking your full power and aligning to your Dharmic path, which is your fate that leads to your destiny....the road you walk down that leads to your destination.

This is done by magnifying your inner chi by extracting chi from all life.

As you rise in soul-force and thus power, you are becoming the most exalted version of yourself.

You are becoming super saiyan.

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