Why the Universe is called "The Universe".

Studying the etymology of words more often than not reveals their
true meaning.

However, revealing a words true meaning is frequently as easy as
simply glancing at the word.

All we need do, is pick apart the words so that their meaning be derived.

This can often be done by splitting apart the words within the word that
combine to make up
the word, so that we can look at what each word means separately,
and then somehow combine
these definitions to create a more broad definition.

In the case of understanding the meaning of the word “Universe”,
we must split the word universe into the words “uni” and “verse”,
and define them
separately before combining them to make one definition.

Consequently, the root word “uni” comes from the  word “united”, “unity”
or “unified”,
and means to be one, or to be one with something or everything.

The word verse, in this case, relates to sound, or the word as described
in John 1:1 in the bible.

Thus, it relates to the vibrating energy of all things; sometimes
referred to as sound.

In conclusion, the word universe means : The united, vibrating
energy field that
all things together are comprised of.

In this sense, the universe is essentially the mind of God
where God hath birthed itself into all life.