On crucifying ego and marrying the inner Christ: Sacrificing who you think you are to become one with God.

As neophytes in the ceremony of initiation that is life, our job is to continuously become more aware of our true nature and to open ourselves up to this true aspect of ourselves which is transcendental awareness or oneness with God, so that we may continuously improve.

In order to do this, we must sacrifice the "comfort" and "security" of mundane, material existence, and make a conscious effort to always become more, while needing less.

One of the most destructive hindrances to spiritual evolution is a big ego.

Ego may be fine for the everyday victim, but to those on the path of spiritual evolution, it is a blockage to our ascension, as it is a blockage of our bliss.

Through identification as ego, we identify with form and become subject to soul loss.

Yet when we are one with the most high aspect of all that is, we are one with all that is. Thus we identify only as spirit which is present in all things. We therefore see ourselves in all things, as we know that we are that aspect of ourselves which is God. By identifying not as form, but instead as  the formless nature of all things, we thus become one with all things through the realization that who we are innately is the same source that is that is the source of all that is. .

In this installment, I will explain how to "crucify" your ego, and ascend into a state of oneness with all that is through the annotation of your christed self, which is becoming one with all that is through a process called ascension.

So, what is ego?


Ego is a method of identification: that is to say, it is identification with what you imagine to be "you", but what is really the false you. It is identification with form, with Maya.

Ego is the world of Maya; That is to say, Ego creates Maya.....Ego essentially is Maya, since Ego generates Maya.

Ego is identification with form rather than identification with the only truth - which is formless life force energy.

Ego is how we see ourselves through the perception that we exist as form, through the eyes of what we have experienced, and who we think we are based on what we can tangibly identify with.

It is an identity we have forged for ourselves both as a protection mechanism, and for various other purposes.

Ego is identification with form, including bodily form, physical forms as in material things, thought forms and belief systems, and false identification such as Maya, which is Illusion.

Although ego is what you think of as your identity, it is the opposite of what you actually are; the spiritual essence of God.

You could say that Ego is the opposite of God,
or that ego is the "who", and God is the "what".

The eyes of ego see you as separate from the rest of life - as a drop in the ocean rather than the ocean in a drop. The truth is reversed.

Ego can be useful , and allows us to experience physical, individual life; but for those who have experienced even a taste of oneness, and want to ascend in consciousness to experience more; ego is useless.

Those who wish to ascend in consciousness in a dramatic way to experience a constant state of oneness must crucify their egoic identity to become one with their God-self. Becoming one with the oneness of all that is within all that is.

What is Crucifixion, and how does one go about crucifying their ego?

Crucifixion can be seen as the ultimate act of sacrifice: at least, that is how we will be looking at it for the purpose of explanation.

While nailed to a cross, ones body is then dragged through the street and put through much torment.

This torment is meant to last as long as possible and cause much suffering.

When Yeshua the Christed one allowed his body to be crucified (he did it of his own will), he was sacrificing his body, as well as his egoic identity, yet knew that he was one with spirit, and so didn't identify with hiss body anyway.

He let the pubic, and his enemies, think that he let himself be hung onto a cross and brutally tormented into an eventual death, when really he ascended into his light body and obviously didn't "die".

In fact, in the act of allowing his body to be crucified, HE WAS sacrificing his ego, as identification as his body would be his egoic identity.

By willingly allowing his body to be crucified, Yeshua shows that he is not identifying with his ego, but with the highest essence of who he was at his core - God.

Everything is God at its core, yet those not in touch with this aspect of creation identify as ego.

God could be called Brahman, light, love, spirit, source, allah, prana energy, Chi, all that is, the universe, the force, Orgone energy, Scaler energy, etc etc etc etc.

It is the core being of all that is...all that is exists within all that is as a fractal position....within every observed particle....

When Yeshua was hung on the cross, by not resisting he was not identifying with ego: and accepted the death of his ego. Even if he faked his death, what this really means is that before he was put on the cross he was already "dead", or rather , his body was.

Really he ascended into the higher realms that he was a part of before he came to earth; leaving uncorrupted.

He allowed his egoic identity to be crucified and in this ultimate act of sacrifice morphed fully into his higher self as a being of light.

This initiation is into oneness is the becoming of the annointed self....it is the natural state, and is blocked only by mans egoic identity.

You don't have to die to crucify your ego.

Although this is how Yeshua (Jesus) did it, he more so did it in his mind, killing the ego by not identifying with it, and literally dying is not the only way it can be done.

We can crucify our ego metaphorically, by choosing NOT to identify with who we are physically or in terms of what we have experienced; but rather with the state of oneness which is closest to what we can only know as "God".

As we rise in consciousness, and move into a vibration of oneness: we crucify our ego by not identifying with it.

Of course, we need our ego to exist IN THE PHYSICAL.....if we follow Albert Einsteins train of thought.....1 is ego and spirit is 0 .....and this is the binary code that makes up our reality....1 is Maya and 0 is Truth...first 0.....and then 1....

.First formlessness...then form.

SO , why would we want to become just 0, and eliminate 1?

Good question.

The world of form is ultimately unreal; spirit is the only reality.

0 is all that exists......and 1 is just an expirement..

If we come fully into our being, we are aware that only spirit is ultimately real, thus disassosiating with ego.

Thus eliminating 1, becoming zero point energy.

As we begin to ascend into a state of oneness, our ego will attack us. It will make us think that we are in danger.

It will make you think that because you are on a vibration of love, others will attack you.

But as you continue to not identify with ego, it will slowly shrink in import; it will eventually become essentially non-existent as you no longer identify with it and lock in this vibration of oneness.

As we do this, we crucify our ego in an act of sacrifice to become anointed with our highest selves.

Marrying your christed self; thus becoming anointed with the highest aspect of the all.

When we sacrifice illusion and align to the truth that is within us, we are 'marrying', or coming into a state of union with, the most high aspect of our existence.

Coming into a state of union within ourselves, we thus align to the same unity that is within all life.

The word Christ means to be annointed, which is to become initiated into the higher order of oneness, through becoming one with your higher, self

And so, marrying your inner Christ is about becoming initiated into the higher order that is oneness, and marrying that aspect of yourself.

In doing so, you crucify you ego and marry the aspect of you which is christed; literally becoming a god, and becoming one with spirit.

As you begin to identify with the aspect of your being-ness which is closet to God, and recede away from identification with ego, you are already on your way to ascension.

To crucify your ego so that it becomes as nothing , you will have to begin to only identify as that part of you which has no egoic identity - and that is the only true method of identification- that part of you which is God.

This means not seeing yourself as higher or lower than others, and it means doing what is best for the all rather than what is best only for you....but of course this starts by DOING what is best for you.

After all, if you are one with life, then there really is no egoic "you", or a "you" that is a certain defined personality or being. God consciousness is always changing; evolving; becoming.

If there is a "You" , it is ego. For the very words "you" or "my" or "I" imply separation; which is the created opposite of God which is ultimately unreal.

Enlightenment is possible for all life..... it is the blueprint of all life....and thus is inevitable.

....If enlightenment is inevitable, this means that illusion and thus Samsara, are ultimately unreal.

Therefore, the only truth that should matter for those on the path of ascension, is becoming one with God.....for this is what you ultimately are.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I appreciate your attention.

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