Magic as a three-fold process; an un-fuck-up-able recipe for manifesting anything you desire.


What is 'Magic'?


Google defines magic as;
> the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Essentially, 'Magic' is the utilization of natural laws or forces toward ones personal benefit via the harnessing of 'Chi' energy and its subsequent releasement as an intention.

If one does not have enough “Chi”, (does not embody enough life force energy) , then intention alone is meaningless.
That being said, there is no frame of reference for what is "enough Chi". 
You have to find this out on your own. 

A productive way to find out is as such; having *enough* Chi, will result in bliss and a sense of connection to all life.
While having *not enough* Chi  will result in feelings of fear, anxiety, density etc.

Thus the way to enliven your Chi is to begin to come into a state of radical acceptance, and connection to all life.
This can be done through such modalities as meditation, yoga, repeating a Mantra, or just consciously raising ones energy by thinking welcoming thoughts.



Magic is essentially manifesting preferred experiences/things/qualities consciously.
Once one has enough Chi, one must set an intention.
This can be anything that one wants to manifest: nothing should be off limits, as it is your life.

However, once one has set the Intention, a three fold process must be enacted. 



Many of my loyal supporters may have read my post about how belief in anything is a lie, and they may be a little confused as to why manifesting an intention should include "lies".

The thing is, a Belief in anything *IS* a lie (its even in the middle of the word). 

Yet "lying", is not always a bad thing.
We lie to ourselves everyday, whether we know it or not. And it is only through "lying" to ourselves that we can change anything about ourselves. 

It is through seeing what is not yet there as if it is that we manifest it into actuality.
In order to manifest **ANYTHING** , one must first lie to themselves. 
They must indoctrinate themselves to believe that what they are manifesting Already is.

The element of belief is the first necessary ingredient that we must add to the cauldron of manifesting intention if we want to reap anything substantial.

If we do not believe, then we cannot have faith, and if we do not have faith, we will never take action to see our intentions manifest.
Believing in our intentions adds the necessary power that will see them manifest.


While belief is acceptance in the pretending that what is not yet true, is, faith is the extreme devotion to and complete trust in this belief.

Faith is complete, unalterable trust.
As such, if one is completely faithful, they will gain all the necessary knowledge and take all the necessary actions to make their dream manifest.

Thus, these steps are actually a part of having faith.


If one has 100% faith that their intention will be made manifest, they will gain all the necessary knowledge to make it happen.


Accordingly, If one has 100% faith that their intention will be made manifest, they will also take the action necessary to make it happen.

Even though action may not always be necessary to manifest, those who are devoted know that sometimes it **IS**. Therefore they have no hesitation in taking any action necessary.

They recognize that while unseen forces are helping and guiding them, they still have to do part of the work.


Through belief and thus faith, our intentions **WILL** be made manifest.

If our intentions are not made manifest, it is because we are not clear about our intentions, do not believe in them, or do not have faith.

This is an un-fuck-up-able recipe for manifesting anything you only YOU can fuck up ;)


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